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At Relish Homes we create retreat-style homes that enhance your lifestyle, creating sanctuaries that make every day feel like a holiday. When creating your dream home, our goal is to make your building journey as pleasurable as the final handover of your new home. We believe that every step should be exciting and as stress-free as possible. 

Realistically, none of us want to create a house that’s going to take the rest of our lives to pay off. However, you should never sacrifice quality over the price of your home or seek a quick fix. At Relish Homes, we have developed a 9-step process that ensures that your building experience is our number one priority.

We Understand Your Project

We begin our client-focused process by sending a questionnaire for you to complete and send back. This helps give us a better indication of the project requirements so that by the time that we set up our initial meeting, we already have a rough idea of what you’re looking to create.

Our initial meeting comes with no strings attached; essentially, all we’re looking to do is assess whether or not we’re a good match for each other and whether we’re able to help you create your dream home. If, by the end of our conversation, we’re both ecstatic over the idea of working together, we’ll walk you through the Relish process, step by step, to ensure that you have a clear idea of the task ahead.

Building Quote

We’ll request an initial investment in order to prepare your proposal. While some builders are able to do this cost free, you should always consider choosing a builder who charges for this service because it takes a lot of work to create a comprehensive building proposal. Builders who take the time and effort to put together a thorough proposal will take all aspects of your build into consideration in order to deliver a price that will closely align with the overall cost. A free quote is generally more of an estimate – it will only give you a very rough ballpark figure.

Tofurther avoid any disputes about cost, you should avoid prime cost and provisional sum items in your proposal wherever possible. (This includes fixtures, fittings and particular works such as excavation and soil testing reports). This will help gain a better idea of the overall cost of the project. Of course, you are always welcome to consult us during the decision-making process to ensure the choices you’re making are suitable to your budget.

Communication is Key

After we have completed the task of creating your proposal, we’ll set up another meeting with you to discuss the finer details of the project. We’ll confirm that your wants, needs and desires are all being met and that you’re happy to move forward.

Following this, we’ll email you checklists detailing all of the information we ask you to provide including your soil report, engineer drawings and computations, architectural drawings, interior specifications and any other information that may be required to prepare the proposal for you.

At Relish, we love to conduct as much face to face work as possible in order to build a relationship with you and to ensure that your needs are being met every step of the way. During our next meeting, we’ll sit down and sign your contract, once permits have been approved.

A Complete Project Map from the Beginning

Next comes the planning process in which we map out project schedule from start to finish. You’ll be introduced to the team that will be building your house in order to create a personalised experience. At Relish Homes, we like to create an environment where you can put your trust into our team to deliver the home of your dreams. During the process, you become a part of our family, as we work to make your project our number one priority. 

We’ll also set up a regular meeting schedule with your dedicated project manager. As a caring building company, we require your input every step of the journey. Therefore, these meetings are used to answer any questions or concerns that may arise and to keep you updated on progression of the project.

Completion and Handover

Finally, once your new home has been completed, the building surveyor will provide you with a Certificate of Occupancy before walking you through your new home in order to complete a final inspection and quality assurance checklists together. Once you’re content, we’ll hand over the keys to your new home.

Three months after you have moved in, we’ll follow up to ensure that you’re still as satisfied with your home and offer any further assistance. At Relish Homes, we offer an industry standard construction warranty, therefore, should any concerns arise, they’ll be attended to promptly.

By choosing to build, we understand that you’re committing to this project for the long haul. Therefore, you should be far more concerned by the quality of the service rather than just the cost.

At Relish Homes, we like to take our time to ensure a quality outcome and to create a personalised experience. Therefore, if you’re in the market for a high-quality builder who has your best interest at heart, get in contact with the team at Relish Homes today. 


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