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What’s trending in home design?

with Marlo Reyneke from Innate Home

Welcome to 2020! As we launch into a new year of creating retreat-style homes for our Mornington Peninsula clients, we’ve been thinking about the new and exciting home design trends that will emerge. 

We’re already seeing some amazing use of Pantone’s Colour of the Year, a return to natural textures and materials, and the comeback of everyone’s favourite Italian tile – terrazzo. To learn about how the home design will unfold in 2020, we recently sat down with Marlo Reyneke from Innate Home to chat more.

According to Marlo, we should expect lots of brass, terracotta and natural greenery in 2020, while trends like all-grey homes are likely to fade into the background. Keep reading to discover all of Marlo’s predictions for this year’s hottest design trends…

Marlo Reyneke: Marlo is the Design Director and Founder of Innate Home. She has over 15 years’ experience as an Interior Designer in the building industry & has been involved in 600+ residential projects.

Relish Homes: What are some design trends you expect to see emerge in 2020?

Marlo Reyneke: This year, we expect a continued and increased focus on sustainability and styles that embrace natural colours, materials and textures. There will be a very strong focus on creating ‘retreats’ in the home in 2020. With so many distractions in the outside world, our homes need to be a safe place – a sanctuary from the everyday. Creating calming home environments is going to be a very strong trend. 

This could play out in many forms. Your home could have the look and feel of Wabi-Sabi – a clean and minimal Japanese aesthetic, or a Nordic style that embraces a cosy, comfortable and simple feeling. The constant in all these styles will be the focus on natural colours, materials and textures.

Retro will also make a comeback in 2020 – while it’s not my favourite trend, the idea that everything old is new again is emerging. Modern takes on things like wall coverings including carpeted walls shapes reflective of the late 70s and 80s, lots of curves and bold uses of colour – these are all things we expect to see in the home this year. 

Relish: Are there any specific materials or colours we should be looking out for?

Marlo: Definitely natural materials – in alignment with the sustainability focus of 2020, the use of natural materials will be widespread. Timber will be heavily used across all aspects of the home – from external and internal cladding, to flooring, cabinetry and furniture. Look out for textural and charred timber and accenting grains in particular.

Natural stone will also be used throughout the home improvement in the form of tiles, benchtops, slabs, cladding, and furniture. Don’t just expect neutral natural stone either – lookout for incredible feature marbles in vibrant colours featuring lots of movement with veins and grain.

Inside, we’ll see materials like rattan, jute, coir and sisal being used on cabinetry and furniture. There will be a renewed focus on glass and terracotta, perhaps even a revival of using bricks inside, on walls and floors. Upholstery will also make a comeback, with recycled textiles and undyed yarns expected to be popular.

In terms of colour, Pantone’s Colour of 2020 – Classic Blue – will be hugely popular. We expect this boundless blue to be used in both home design and commercial settings.

Relish: What’s here to stay from 2019 and what trends have run their race?

Marlo: Indoor plants are definitely here to stay. This feeds into the sustainability trend and creating retreat spaces – people want to have a connection to nature and adding indoor plants to their homes is a great way to achieve this.

Brass is also here to stay. At Innate Homes, we love, love, love brass! It works so well in interiors, plus it’s warm, luxurious and tactile. It can be applied as an accent through tapware or decor items, or it can be used as a bigger feature in wall cladding or cabinetry. 

In terms of outdated trends, I think the overuse of grey in all aspects of homes is slowly coming to an end. Grey has been a dominant trend for well over 10 years now and as everything does in fashion, its popularity has run its course. I don’t think grey will be completely removed but I think we will see a much warmer grey becoming popular and we’ll see interiors move more into browns and earthy tones. 

Relish: We’ve seen a lot of the Hamptons in 2019 – do you expect this to continue into 2020?

Marlo: As Australians, we tend to hang onto looks and this one has been a strong trend, so I imagine it will continue. Although, in reality, the Hamptons trend has morphed into a more Australian coastal Hamptons-inspired aesthetic. I believe it will remain popular as it sits so well in the Australian coastal narrative – it’s light, bright, airy and relaxed with careful attention paid to details.

Relish: What’s the most important thing to consider when designing a home?

Marlo: I think the most important thing to consider when designing your home is to objectively consider how you live. Everyone is different, so no single design suits everyone. 

You need to think about how you currently use your home, how you live in your space, and what you wish you had that you don’t currently have. Really consider how you want to live versus how you do live – don’t design a home based on a wishful ideal of how you will live. 

Relish: What are you most excited for in 2020?

Marlo: I absolutely love terracotta, so I am excited to see how it’s brought to life by artisans and also how suppliers add terracotta to their offerings. 


If you want to learn more about 2020’s hottest design trends, you can get in touch with Marlo via Innate Home. If you’re ready to draw upon some of the aforementioned trends to create the retreat-style space of your dreams, get in touch with the team at Relish Homes today!