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At Relish Homes, we draw upon three key styles to create our luxury retreat-style renovations – Raw, Serene and Rustic. In this blog, we want to take you inside the Raw style, explaining a little more about what it means to us and how it can be brought to life in your very own home.

Raw combines modern industrial aesthetics like concrete and steel with pops of raw metal and exposed brick. It’s a natural and organic style, that pays homage to both coastal design and Hamptons-inspired elements.

The largely natural style is where beachy vibes meet industrial and urban design elements. It’s an aesthetic that probably springs to mind when you think ‘beach house’; it’s a light and breezy sanctuary for the whole family to enjoy. Everything from the sand, sea and sky are drawn upon in this unique style.

Choose Natural Elements 

One of the reasons we love Raw so much is our inherent connection to the outdoors. Being Mornington Peninsula builders, we’re drawn to natural elements such as wood, cotton, leather, and seagrass – we see these as a welcome addition to any space. 

Finding natural features that fit your home is the first step. You may opt for the rugged appeal of natural rock walls in the kitchen or around the fireplace in the loungeroom. Finding the right Raw elements and incorporating these into your home will create a feeling of peace and openness.

Brick as a Backdrop 

In modern design and in our Raw style, the allure of brick remains strong. Its aesthetic appeal makes for a beautiful and uncompromised backdrop, perfect for anyone looking to add a touch of industrial, texture or colour. Using natural brick in your home can become a statement feature and makes for an effortlessly cool space. 

Don’t Forget Daylight

One of our favourite parts of the Raw style is drawing upon natural light to make a room really shine. Floor to ceiling doors, large well-placed windows and skylights can allow sun and light into your home, making colours pop and reducing the need for artificial light sources

Steel-ing the Show 

When it comes to interior design, steel is incredibly versatile. From the most basic structures to complex and ornate designs, the material can be customised to create stunning results for your home. Compared to other structural elements, steel’s natural aesthetic has been embraced by designers in modern times. 

When designing a Raw home, we love to draw upon exposed steel frames, paired with architectural features like glass and concrete. The durability of steel stands the test of time and is resilient to high winds, making it a great long-term choice for any home. 


Keep an eye out for our nearly completed St Kilda renovation, crafted in the Raw style. 

To find out more about how Relish Homes can bring Raw to life in your home, get in touch with our friendly team today.