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A retreat-style home is about creating a space that elicits feelings of calm, relaxation and happiness. It’s about allowing yourself to achieve that ‘holiday-feeling’ without having to leave the property. 

There are many ways to achieve a retreat-style home, including colour palette, interior design theme, lighting and of course, texture. Texture refers to the feel, appearance or consistency of a surface or substance and is a great way to add depth, warmth or personality to your space.

If you’re looking at creating a home in one of our three key retreat styles, here are some textural considerations to keep in mind during the process.


Our Serene style is inspired by the stunning beaches of the Mornington Peninsula. Much like these beaches themselves, the homes we create in this style draw upon a careful combination of textural elements to achieve the desired look and feel.

In homes of this style, we draw upon textures like sand, stone, rustic light-coloured timbers and richly textured fabrics to create a tranquil feeling. We use a lot of indoor greenery when it comes to the Serene style, including different shapes, sizes and textures of pot plant, succulents and large feature plants. 

Natural or leafy elements that work to bring the outside in are also welcomed in this style of home, with flow encouraged between each textural piece to promote openness.

Textures like sand, stone, rustic light-coloured timbers and richly textured fabrics are all drawn upon in the Serene style.


The Raw style is modern and industrial, yet soft and sophisticated. Hard edges are a texture we love to play around with in Raw homes, with these edges complemented by soft, smooth glass, natural stone, unpolished timber and industrial concrete and steel. We also draw upon exposed brick in this style to add contrast and texture to indoor and outdoor spaces alike.

If you’re looking to create a Raw retreat-style home, consider textural elements like an indoor red brick feature wall or a rustic timber staircase with exposed steel frames to connect your upper level(s). Texture in the Raw style can also be created with a pop of colour, for example in a coloured feature wall – perhaps with a textured paint, or a brightly coloured bathroom tile. 

Textural elements on display in this Raw-inspired flat lay.


When it comes to achieving a Rustic retreat-style home, texture is integral. Soft textured fabrics and richly toned timbers are the heroes of the Rustic style, which is inspired by the natural landscape of the Mornington Peninsula region. 

Natural textures like timber, dark stone, exposed beams, brick and wood panelling are all at home in this style. Opt for raw materials and cosy textures to create a balance between raw and refined. Cabin or chalet-style homes are a perfect example of this style and any texture that elicits a feeling of ‘cosiness’ is welcome in a Rustic home.

An example of how texture looks and feels in the Rustic style.


To find out more about how you can use texture to create a retreat-style home, get in touch with the Mornington Peninsula’s retreat-style renovations and extensions expert, Relish Homes, today!