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No matter what style of home you’re planning to create, you should know a thing or two about lighting before you begin. At Relish Homes, we’re passionate about building retreat-style residences, which embody luxury living and make you feel as though you’re on holiday, every day. And the key to creating the perfect at-home retreat? Lighting! 

Both natural and carefully-placed artificial lighting are integral to a retreat-style home. Good lighting will showcase the hand-selected features of your home, while the wrong lighting can highlight the wrong thing, completely destroying the laid-back ambience you’ve worked so hard to create. 

If you’re looking at designing a retreat-style home, here are some essential tips to keep in mind:


A Serene retreat-style home embodies wind and air, inviting in the natural elements that elicit a feeling of summer. This style of home begs for big custom-designed windows that line the wall of your living room, overlooking a picturesque view. Whether they lead to a balcony or a backyard, consider installing low-voltage landscape lighting around the windows so you can enjoy the view all day long. After all, we know that people will pay a pretty penny for scenic views at a retreat, why not include this at home?

Flow is incredibly important in designing a Serene home and lighting plays a big part in this. Consider bay view or bow windows in bedrooms, bathrooms with large windows and hallways with skylights that allow natural light to shine through. When nightfall hits, your home should have low-intensity, mood lighting that creates a sense of quiet intimacy. Think opaque lamp shades that create pools of light or parchment shades that produce an amber glow. Opt for yellow overhead lighting over white and install dimmers so you can adjust the intensity of the light to suit your mood.


The Raw style demands open spaces and hard edges, softened with glass, natural stone, timber and darker tones like rich charcoals and navy blues. When designing this type of home, choose panelled windows in the kitchen and large casement or picture windows throughout the rest of the house, featuring a charcoal steel frame. Think of placing windows in naturally darker spaces such as above the staircase or in the corner of the room to bring light into sombre corners. 

At night, industrial LED overhanging bulbs, in either white or yellow, are suited to a Raw-style home, with yellow bringing more warmth into your holiday-esque home.


When thinking about a Rustic home, think cabin or chalet-style spaces with raw materials and a warmth that fills the forefront of the home. Rustic strikes a balance between raw and refined, with an emphasis on natural living, achieved through intelligent positioning of windows and ventilation.

Rustic demands that you maximise the amount of natural light in your home by installing things like floor-to-ceiling or overhead windows placed in between wooden panels. Window styles can differ – anything from arched to rectangular fit into this style but remember your windows are trying to create a sense of warmth and cosiness, so make sure your design achieves this goal. During the night, the house should be centrally lit with the glow of a fireplace, downlights, and luminous lantern-style chandeliers.


To find out more about using lighting to create a luxurious retreat-style home, get in touch with the experts at Relish Homes team today.